E-M1X and more…

Whole bunch of chatter the last two days with the new E-M1X. Olympus also announced some new flash products and some firmware updates. They also announced a new software which they said very little about. That and a few other bits that didn’t get much attention are the interesting pieces to me. I do not have a review sample as they don’t offer me one…however I will have some thoughts and comments about the new camera on Monday. Everyone has been jumping on the press releases and the specs and the promo stuff. Feel free to check it out on DpReview or whatever site is your favorite for that kinda stuff. I will be focusing on some interesting features and less talked about items and how I feel this camera makes a difference and who may actually benefit from it.

I was hoping to have all my thoughts written out by now and posted but clients had me shooting away. So, enjoy the weekend and we’ll catch up on all of this on Monday.

January 25, 2019

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