From Micro to Mini…

So the inevitable day as come.  I needed a new computer.  I’ve always been a windows user, but was fine on a mac.  I’ve always just built my own systems though.  My last build was in 2011.  I built a 24gb RAM pro video card, super fast processor machine with 10k RPM drives, etc…  Let’s put it into perspective…  My computer prior to that needed 1 – 4 hours to render a 2 – 3 gigabyte panorama.  The computer I built in 2011 cut my render time down to 30 seconds on average.  Talk about a productivity boost!  I was THRILLED the first time I ran a panorama build.  Totally lost my mind.  Well…it was time to move on.  That computer as great as it was just struggles with anything beyond 1080p video.  Also, Lightroom has been giving me way too many issues on that system, the latest version doesn’t like the video card…new cards aren’t compatible…blah blah blah blah blah.  You know it goes.  This is my work, and I just need it to work.  So I did something crazy…

I ordered a Mac Mini.  A new one, the 2018 mac mini.  But I ordered it on the crazy end.  The way most people say no one is going to order.  Big i7, 64gb ram, 1tb drive, and I ordered an eGPU with a Vega 64 card.  All of this was actually cheaper than an imac Pro, and will probably be cheaper than the new Mac Pro.  And I just don’t have the time for a new self build.  I also like Time Machine is a computer restore.  I’ve never had good luck on windows machines with those kinds of functions.

It arrived yesterday and I am slowly installing and setting up.  I probably won’t get it into my day to day use for another week or so.  I will report back when I do.  This checked all the boxes.  I also wanted to use an Eizo monitor.  I much prefer Eizo to the imac screens, or any others.  Especially doing images 8 – 10 hours a day.  It makes a huge difference.  So this is the only system in their lineup that would really be a great fit for the eizo without it being an extension monitor from a macbook or imac.

So…here are some initial observations…

My ergonomic windows keyboard doesn’t have all the mac buttons for launching stuff, or the command button.  What do you do?

It’s silent!  This is crazy.  My custom machine sounds like im at the airport with all the fans and cooling.  My office is about to go silent.  Very weird.

It’s rather small and cute.  So small in fact that it will need to sit on top of my graphics card.

Paragon NTFS… it actually works!  All my hard drives are NTFS formatted.  I don’t have time to redo all of that.  So this little program allows OSX to read NTFS just like a native drive.  It just works!  Amazing!

Ok that’s all for now.  I will update with a more proper review once I can actually start working on this machine.  Any advice?  My laptop is a 2013 Macbook Pro…but this will be the first time I ever actually “work” on a mac.  Day in and out.  More to come.

-Update 1-  I had a rescheduling for today…So I am now 6 hours into software installs and setup.  Not done yet.  Gosh no wonder I try to update or migrate very often…  I had forgotten to factor in the cost of updating software because I only had a windows version and not a mac…or the cost of updating software because I haven’t in a long time and my versions aren’t supported by the latest operating systems…  Ouch!

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