Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free Thursday!

Yeah…I wish.  It seems everyone starts pushing deals sooner and sooner in the month now a days.  It’s like trying to earmark everyone’s cash before the big day.  Is it not overwhelming to have a million companies all throwing promos on the same day?  Oh well, if you have been waiting for something…why not save a bit of cash right?

I won’t post any links…but I do want to comment on a few potential deals.  Last year I got some great deals on both Olympus Macro lenses.  I mean…REALLY good deals.  Bought em’ both.

This year I see Olympus has the 25 F/1.8, 45F/1.8 for $250, the 30mm Macro for $200, and the 60mm Macro for $350.  Who knows…maybe they will up the offer on the actual holiday buying days too.  Sometimes companies throw an extra incentive out.  We’ll see.  Regardless…  $250 for a lens of this quality?  REALLY?!?!?!  Serious, everyone always loved the Canon 50mm F/1.8 and called it the nifty fifty because it was good enough and $100.  Well I can tell you the 25 and 45 lenses are not good enough…they are damn good lenses that I would compare to lenses that cost upwards of $1200.

Honestly if you were to get the 17, the 45, and a 60mm macro for instance… 350, 250, and 350… thats still under $1000 for an entire lens kit that gives you huge versatility, speed, and spectacular quality. Oh..and it all fits in ONE jacket pocket.  I don’t care what anyone says… you just can’t do that with any “full frame” system.  Just had to say it.

Seriously though, if you have been waiting to buy, these are really decent prices for the quality of lens you are getting.  With everyone going crazy for Art series, and Otus, and the like…it is a breath of fresh air that we can actually have an affordable option that will provide unquestionably good results.  I have never felt like I was compromising anything with these lenses.  I wish the fisheye were a little cheaper… I want to buy it so bad.  I just keep renting it as needed though.  I will pull the trigger on that one day.  Best fisheye on market for any system, hands down.

Anyways…that’s my holiday deal ramblings.  I wish you the most relaxing, peaceful, and revitalizing holiday if you are in the US.  If you are abroad, or just don’t celebrate…then I wish you the most relaxing, peaceful, and revitalizing next 4 days.  Now off to make some yummy spiced butternut squash…what November holiday would be complete without that?


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