Can’t help but feel blue

e-pl9 blue

Olympus released an E-PL9 in a blue and silver (looks kind of warm/gold toned to me…) this year.  As usual, camera companies seem to release lower end models in a variety of colors.  Maybe colors and options like that appeal to people who can fit the product into their lifestyle or aesthetic preferences.  Of course “real photographers” only use black on black.  And “classic photojournalists” only silver on black Leicas with brass showing through the wear.

Well…you know what…I kinda dig it.  Actually I really kind of dig it.  In fact, I think it would look great on the E-M1 series.  Take a look.

In fact… I think this could even work with black too…

The gold font isn’t half bad.  Though, I would probably stick to white on this black and blue version.  If Olympus released a blue and silver E-M1 mkII…I would totally buy it.  I won’t even deny it…just a straight up it looks cool purchase.  Why not have some style and get the job done too.  I don’t find it flashy like that crazy pentax thing that came out a while back.

What are your thoughts…would you buy a different color version if it was offered instead of black on black?  What would you prefer?


September 6, 2018

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