Best rain cover ever!

This post finds itself in great timing… It has been raining here every day for the last two weeks!  Think Tank Photo just announced a new rain cover series, the “Emergency Rain Cover.”

Think Tank has always had the “go-to” rain cover.  The Hydrophobia is quite the savior if you need to shoot from the sports sidelines through heavy downpour.  Or you are out shooting wildlife through the worst weather possible…but the Hydrophibia series was never really the quick grab and go, keep in your bag just in case cover.  Arm holes, and eye pieces, and all that… nah… i’ll sit the rain out.  When I have been going somewhere with a good chance of rain that I need to shoot through, i’ve always just used a cheap disposable rain cover.  Think Tank finally released a product that I think will find it’s way into MANY bags.

This is what I am going to order myself.  Emergency Rain Cover Small

The sizing seems like it will fit my E-M1 mkII great.  It says 12″ long… so I assume that will JUST fit my 40-150 pro as well.  If not I will have to swap for a medium…but I think the small will work fine.  Especially with my 12-40 and 8-18, that is the size to go with.  If you shoot with the 300, or the Panasonic 50-200 or 200 prime, i’de potentially opt for the medium.  This cover is a great little slip on with a window on the back and fully open underneath.  It connects via the hotshoe so it doesn’t slip around.  It folds up small for easy carry.  I honestly feel this is finally the rain cover that we can call the best general rain cover, period.  I can’t wait to get ahold of one.  Then again, I hope I never have to use it either!  I have no stake in it, but I feel strongly about being able to recommend this rain cover to you.  It might also be a good idea if you shoot in very dirty environments, do paint/water/liquids splash photography, ocean or boat photography, etc… when you are definitely a position to get stuff on the camera.  Check out the photo and video below for some more details on this cover.


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  1. How did you find the fit on your Olympus? How well does it work with the smaller primes such as the 45mm, or the 14-42 pancake zoom?

  2. So…it “fits” but it’s not pretty! Basically you need to have the lens hood. So the 45mm F/1.8 lens hood is enough but just barely. You can cinch the from around on it and it will hold, but the slack material between the camera and lens bunches up pretty good. It’s what I consider “an emergency” use only. It does work though. The only real downside is you have to pull the front opening tight. They also have an extra loop for backing it around to tie it even smaller. It makes sense in person. This has to be drawn to its smallest. If you don’t have a lens hood, it might not work out so well. I would also only use such a small lens with this in autofocus. I think using a hand on the focus ring would be too easy to knock off the cover on such small lenses.

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