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I wanted to post today and get the ball rolling.  I’ve been swamped this month and have fallen a bit behind on my reviews, email responses, and articles!  I’m catching back up though!

Has anyone been paying attention to NAB news?  The big video industry conference.  Black Magic Design seems to have caused quite the stir with the new Pocket Cinema Camera 4k.  Basically it is one of the most highly speced video cameras on the market when it goes on sale in september but the price is around $1300 US.  It’s a 4 channel mic preamp sound recorder, a 5″ monitor, and an amazing 4k raw cinema camera all rolled into one small body.  And notice the marketing… 12-40 PRO lens is shown.  Depending on needs, if you have a gimbal, and how you shoot…this might be quite the video camera for Olympus users or other m4/3 lens owners.  Very interesting.  I bet the Pro lenses are going to really shine on this without needing any extra rigging like a large cinema lens might.

In other news, Olympus’ E-PL9 is finally going to be available in the US.  Apparently a pretty nice blue version will be available later too.  Looks nice in blue…but honestly the basic black is just fine too.  It’s like a shrunken version of the E-m10 mk3.  I’ve always like the E-PL series.  It is small and still quite capable.  I’d love one as a backup/emergency body…but they don’t share batteries with the rest of the OMD series.  Oh well.  Even the kit lens is decent however.  These make great grab-and-go cameras if you want a real camera…but don’t want to actually carry anything as big.

I wanted to share a few images from a recent client project as well.  I shot some products and portraits for artist David Scheirer.  He is an amazing watercolor artist, illustrator, creative genius, etc…  Very cool work.

These images were all made with the E-M1mkII, 12-40 Pro, and a godox octobox.

Artist David Scheirer, Studio Tuesday
Artist David Scheirer, Studio Tuesday
Artist David Scheirer, Studio Tuesday
Artist David Scheirer, Studio Tuesday
Artist David Scheirer, Studio Tuesday
Polar Bear card, Studio Tuesday

I want to post a link to his site and Etsy page.  He has some really great work and a unique style.  Check him out if you love awesome nature artwork.  His work makes great gifts!

Studio Tuesday Homepage

Studio Tuesday Shop on Etsy

It was a pleasure working with him and we made some great images.

Ok everyone, I’m off to tackle a few more shoots and finish out some projects.  Lots more to come as I catch up!


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