Lightroom Classic CC Updated and Profiles changes

Hey everyone!  I am just catching up after a heavy rush of work the last two weeks.  I should be back in full swing here within the week.  If you saw in any camera news site, Adobe released a new update for Lightroom Classic CC.  Which is their desktop version of lightroom, but subscription only now.  I bring this up because they made a major change to the profile system.

Camera profiles are no longer under the calibration tab, but under the basics tab.  Adobe Standard has also been apparently moved to the legacy folder of profiles and 6 new Adobe profiles take over for standard.  Basically this gives them some more flexibility.  I bring all of this up for the many of you that have purchased my profiles.  Most of them are built around camera profiles, but many do use Adobe Standard.  At the moment I do not know how this affects the work i’ve done.  I want to assume all files already using those profiles will work fine as is.  New files imported under this new update and have a preset that calls for adobe standard should hopefully map to adobe standard at it’s new location, as well as any other profile.  I am still on the paid in full perpetual desktop software version 6.  So I cannot test this yet.  I have been postponing moving to subscriptions, as many of you have as well.  I have updates for the art filters coming soon, but will now have to review this first.  If anyone of you DOES have the latest lightroom classic CC update, please let me know what you find.  Do all the presets still work and map correctly?

April 3, 2018

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  1. Updated LR CC a few days ago. The presets are all still there under the heading ‘User presets’.

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