Olympus E-PL9 Announced

Olympus E-PL 9
E-PL 9

Olympus announced the new E-PL9 camera today.  I don’t spend too much time on the Pen camera line…but I must say it is a pretty camera.  Very classy looking in black.  No word on release date or price yet…but I expect it to be similar to the current E-PL8 camera.

Basically the camera is a miniature E-M10 mk3 without the viewfinder and a simpler button layout.  Some things to note:

-4k video only has 30p.
-Stabilization is only 3-axis instead of 5.
-Has a small pop-up flash
-Panorama mode (like your cell phone)
-New art filters!  It has the Bleach Bypass from the E-M10 as well as new one, Instant Print.  (I will eventually get around to updating these art filters into my set if possible once the camera is released)

That new feature…Bluetooth is an interesting one.  Olympus has made a way for your phone to connect to the camera even with the camera off in your bag.  You can then view and transfer your images.  The O.I. Share app was also updated today.  Some people might overlook this feature…but what an excellent addition!  I wish the E-M1 mkII had that.  I use the app to transfer images all the time to my phone.  Not needing the camera in hand and on would be great.

Honestly, the small E-PL series has always been one of my favorite cameras.  I highly recommend them.  Basically you will get the same image out of this camera that you will from the E-M1mkII.  You only lose out on the phase AF, a lesser stabilizer, and no viewfinder.  However, you gain a huge advantage in size.  The E-PL with a 17 F/1.8 and 45 F/1.8 would make such a wonderful walk around and travel kit when you want to be light and pockets only for the day.  Along with a small gorilla pod, you would have an incredibly capable kit in a tiny package.

I would set the camera to aperture priority wide open, set ISO to auto, and just roll compensation back and fourth with the dial to get the image you want.  Nothing else to adjust or worry about.  The kit lenses are decent…much better than kit lenses of the past…but at 3.5 – 5.6…ide rather just take a single fast prime personally.  I have friends that only use their kit lens and get amazing results too however.

The E-PL series also make excellent backup cameras.  If you can’t afford a duplicate of your E-M1 or E-M5, a used E-PL is often just as good in a pinch.  And they are smaller so less space is taken up in the bag.

I’m actually looking forward to trying this camera out in person.  I’ve seen a few people use the E-PL5 as astro-cameras with phenomenal results.  Breathtaking really.  These are a lot more capable than they get credit for.  Anyone here like using the E-PL series?


February 7, 2018

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