New Godox / Flashpoint Trigger for Olympus

Godox, also distributed as Flashpoint via Adorama here in the United States has announced their “pro” version of their wireless strobe trigger.  If you live in the states…I highly recommend you stick with Flashpoint as there is service and support.  Godox has been impossible to reach from the states and support is out of the question.  Maybe it’s different elsewhere in the world.

Anyways, back to to our main subject.  The new X-Pro trigger, also known as the Flashpoint R2 Pro has some great features that make it a worthy option beyond that standard R2 trigger.  It has now been announced for Olympus/Panasonic.  I am unsure of the actual release date as of today.

Here is a link to the preorder (at the moment) R2 Pro at Adorama.  I won’t be linking to Godox because every time I visit their site my virus protection blocks some kind of coin-mining scripts and malware.  Uncool.

The R2 Pro has a larger screen and direct buttons for accessing the adjustment functions.  This is so much better than the wheel and three tiny buttons on the standard trigger.  Another great feature is the “TCM” function.  This lets you shoot in TTL and then convert that setting over to manual flash.  This can make setting flashes real quick.  You can then just manually control and adjust from there.

I will definitely be purchasing one of these and doing a review once i’ve taken it out on a few projects.  My other godox reviews are coming shortly too.



7 responses on "New Godox / Flashpoint Trigger for Olympus"

  1. I have a Godox 860ii O flash. Will the Flashpoint R2 Pro work with the Godox flash?
    Looking forward to your review.

    • Yes, they are aside from the name and the same thing exact unit. The only real difference is support if you need it. In the US if you buy a “flashpoint” you get support. If you buy Godox…you don’t. In fact I have a godox unit as well and some flashpoint units. Its really all the same. So yes the R2 Pro will work with any godox units. A separate firmware updater is also provided…though they do the exact same thing and use the same files I believe.

  2. I’m looking forward to a review of all of the Godox products. I have to say, their naming scheme and branding are very confusing. I’m not sure what this new trigger brings to the table over the previous one and why the old one is free with the Flashpoint version.

    • Yeah, the naming is a little rough, especially between the Godox/Flashpoint branding. So far the main differences are direct button control over the key variables for EACH group. On the regular R2 trigger that we have now you have to use the wheel to scroll to a group. A – E, and then press a button to pick what you want to adjust, then scroll to adjust, and then press a button again to lock it in. And then scroll to the next one, etc…

      On the pro triggers each group has immediate access to everything. No scrolling around necessary. You can also adjust multiple groups identically together. So move all groups up one stop at the same time for instance. Instead of having to do that individually.

      The other big one is converting a TTL reading to a manual setting. So if you nail exposure with TTL and don’t want it to change further, you can hit a button and that last TTL reading will convert to manual flash power equivalent setting and stay in manual. Very handy.

      One downside is that you lose the hotshoe. The standard triggers can take a camera mounted flash.The pro can’t.

  3. How to unlock the godox 8600ii© screen….
    I click every button in flash But no button is working..
    On the screen of flash there was locked…. Pllzz Tell me how to unlock it…

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