Large eyecups

Have you ever found yourself trying to shade the viewfinder from the sun or other light sources leaking in to your viewfinder?  Standard eyecups are often very shallow and rarely fully block light.  This can make seeing the viewfinder harder.  Manufacturers or third party companies often make an enlarged eyecup to solve this issue.  Usually the eyecup is large enough to fully block light from reaching your eye or the viewfinder.  Olympus makes the EP-13 Large Eyecup for both the E-M1 and E-M1 mkII.  It fits on both cameras.  Let’s take and see how different it is.

Olympus EP-13 Large Eyecup
The EP-13 on the left and standard on the right.
Olympus EP-13 Large Eyecup
EP-13 left, standard right.

You can see in the above two images just how different the large eyecup is.  Almost makes you wonder what the standard one is actually doing?  Mechanically, they attach in the same way.  Both just clip on by sliding from the top.  Some people have complained about these getting loose on Olympus cameras…but I have never had that issue in 4 years of daily use.  Just make sure it is all the way seated and “clicked.”  They stay on well.

Olympus EP-13 Large Eyecup
EP-13 eyecup on an E-M1.  Yeah that is definitely different from standard.

You would be amazed how nice the viewfinder looks when all stray light is blocked out.  A large eyecup really lets you make a nice seal around your eye.

Olympus EP-13 Large Eyecup
Notice how much further from the body this sticks out.

One catch with large eyecups is the natural downside of being larger.  It’s larger.  It sticks out further from the body.  This can occasionally make sitting in tighter camera bags, or pulling the camera out from a tight bag trickier.  Same with the camera swing on your shoulder by a strap.  It can catch on clothing easier.  I always seem to buy large eyecups because I enjoy having the better view…but I always end up taking them off due to them catching whenever I use them on my side if im traveling.  If I am working, I am usually tethered or using the rear screen so then it doesn’t matter either.  It is a nice accessory to keep around for times when they are very useful.  Like middle of the day shooting.

Olympus EP-13 Large Eyecup
The eyecup is about twice the size of the standard one.

Another downside to large eyecups in general is there is more rubber.  Rubber is prone to picking up dust and dirt, etc…  More inside surface area to collect particles.  If you are in a very dusty or sandy environment, you might need to clean the eyecup more often.

I don’t have any experience with large eyecups and eyeglasses, so I don’t want to comment there, but if you do I would love to hear your experience.

Olympus makes large eye cups for the E-M5 mkII and E-M10mk II.  It is the EP-16 model.  It probably fits the E-M10mkIII as well.  As always, i’de love to hear your thoughts.  Drop me a line below.


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  1. Hi,

    I’ve had large eyecups for years. Currently I have them on both my E-M5II cameras. I have found they can come loose and fall off; a costly replacement for such a small piece of equipment. However a drop of glue seems to holds them in place. I love them and would never be without one. They do give you a much better view from the EVF.

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