Hotshoe covers

Do you like to keep your hotshoe covered but find the plastic inserts easy to lose?  Yeah me too.  I was browsing amazon for hotshoe covers to see what else was available.  I came across this listing – Bubble Level Hotshoe covers.

Now there are lots of them out there and available from all kinds of different sources.  My guess is they are all probably the same.  Small rubber hotshoe insert with a bubble level.  The pack I got have 5 of these for under three dollars!  Well…why not!

So they fit fine, and definitely will not slip out.  Accurate?  Close but not consistent.  You can actually adjust them a bit by pressing on how they sit in the hotshoe while looking at your rear screen level display.  Will it stay “calibrated”… probably not.  Regardless, it works for filling the shoe and protecting the contacts from impact and dirt, etc… while out.  For doing a “rough alignment” when first setting up my tripod though,  the level works great.  Close enough to then visually refine.

Do you use anything else?  Found any other solutions… drop a line below!


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