Camera bags!

Yeah this comic is so on the money.  You know that’s us.  How many of you deal with this same exact scenario when deciding on a bag for a trip… or even when picking lenses to take!  Lol…come on…how many of you have had like two different browser windows open each with 10 tabs when comparing items on B&H??    Click on the comic to go to the site.  XKCD publishes some of the best comics out there.  I’m a long time fan!  I love XKCD!


Enjoy your weekend!

February 7, 2018

3 responses on "Camera bags!"

  1. If you go to the XKCD site and mouse over the images, you get an extra message from the ALT tag. LOL, the one for this strip is:
    “This one is perfect in every way, except that for some reason it’s woven from a tungsten mesh, so it weighs 85 pounds and I’ll need to carry it around on a hand cart.” “That seems like a bad–” “BUT IT HAS THE PERFECT POCKET ARRANGEMENT!”

    Do we not totally do these crazy justifications?!?!?! So funny.

  2. Ha! I don’t even want to think about the money I’ve spent on bags, etc. that are just sitting in a closet now. I don’t even have the courage to toss them!

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