E-M1 mkII Greatest flaw

Happy New year everyone!  I decided to start the year off with an update to my feature requests.

After spending a lot of time with the E-M1mkII  (its been just over a year of daily use) there are two features I think need to seriously be added and and a couple others that really would be helpful.  If anyone would like to forward this to someone at Olympus that has any clout, that would be excellent.  Thanks in advance!

Battery Indicator Percentage Fix

I am convinced after using the E-M1 for several years, and now the E-M1mkiI since release that  Olympus needs to fix this asap.  The battery indicator starts flashing red warning of a “low-battery” at 30%.  From there you can no longer see the percentage left.  This is way too early.  Especially with such great batteries.  That is disabling me from managing 30% of my power left.  Why can’t I judge when it’s time to change?  Or why not give us the option?  Say an option to change from 30% down to 15% or 10%.  When I am tethered, the Olympus Capture software shows the battery life all the way to empty. The problem is once I see the blinking, rarely will I remember if it just started or is it really down to a low level?  I have decided this is one of the biggest flaws on the E-M1mkII.  Even the MkI allowed us to change at what point the battery warning came on.  Please Olympus, bring this feature back.

Video Zebras

We need an exposure warning mode in video.  Even if zebras don’t get added, why not the highlight warning that is already built into the camera?  Olympus already allows us to indicate over and under exposed areas as blue or orange and dictate at what point on the scale they are introduced.  Why is this disabled in video mode???  I actually enjoy using this camera for video.  I currently have to go back into manual mode to gauge hot spots and then return to video.  Why not just enable this in video mode???

Proper Log Profile

This one is not super critical, but would be very nice to have.  Panasonic has shown they are getting serious with stills with the G9.  I still prefer the Olympus camera.  I think Olympus needs to step up with the mkII video features.  I really don’t like working on the panasonic bodies as opposed to the Olympus.  Having a log profile, even if it was only available to an external recording at 4:2:2 10bit would be nice.  The current “flat” profile is certainly not “flat.”

HDR self timer

I’m still waiting for the self-timer on HDR mode.  I can’t believe we are so many years into the M43 system and Olympus has still held out on this…even though their other modes have it!!!!!  Who is asleep at the wheel on this?

What about you?  What features are you hoping to see implemented or improved upon?

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5 thoughts on “E-M1 mkII Greatest flaw

  1. Hello, what I miss most is a parametrable auto ISO : increasing iso is based on speed and focal lengh, we should be able to base it on speed and focal length minus x EVs, to take into account the stabilisation of this camera. For exemple, if I am at 100mm, I shoud be able to tell auto ISO to incease ISO only if my speed is below 1/50 or 1/25 s (or even less).
    I have it on my “old” D800E, and I really appreciate it.

    1. Yeah…this is a feature I would love. Maybe 10 slots where we could just pick our most used options and put on one menu. My 5DmkII has this and I never went into any other menu. Besides the SCP and a custom menu like this, I think a LOT of people would find the camera much more user friendly. Then again, it would also mean programming this yourself!

  2. Another thing to fix is focusing problems with long telephotos. I have a Panasonic 100-400 and using single center point focusing I get as many misses as hits on small birds. So I bought a 300 f4.0 Pro and the MC14 adapter. Same problem but not quite so bad. Also, the size of the focus point seems larger than on the M1. Then we have Mysets that can’t be mapped to a button. C1, C2 etc., on the knob, is far too slow for bird photography. But I have got the lever to approximate what I want.

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