Big turn off

I know this may seem obvious…but often its the simple things we overlook.  Have you tried just turning off all your custom buttons?

If you go to:

Menu Button > Custom Menu B > Buttons

You can go through and for each custom button set the option to “off.”  This disables the button.  You can also go to Custom Menu B and to the Function lever and set that to off as well.  ISO and WB are still accessible from the super control panel, as are most other relevant shooting needs.

This can do several things for you.

  1.  No accidental settings changes or menu calls when trying to shoot.  Especially with large gloves.
  2. No fumbling around the camera body when you forget what is assigned to where.
  3. A simpler more traditional shooting experience

Shooting with only your front and rear dial, as well as the arrow pads to change focus points (i would leave those on) is very liberating.  Again most everything else truly needed is in the Super control panel.  And if you find yourself wishing you had an extra button for something, you can always go turn that one on and assign what you need to it.  Slowly you might even be back at all the buttons assigned and not know how you ever lived without them!



1 responses on "Big turn off"

  1. Gee, I paid all that money for those features. If I wanted a basic camera without features I could have bought a nice older second hand camera.
    I see where you are coming from and I do shoot totally manual at times, but at other times I want all those features that make my life just a little bit easier.
    Well sometimes easier, I find as I age my memory isn’t what it was and I need external reference to remember how to get to all those settings. For favorite settings I do not use regularly, I have little cheet cards I can check when the occasion arises.

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