My favorite images from 2017

You can tell its the end of the year with all these recent posts!  Every year around this time I move my current year data into long term archive drives, do some data clean up, and reset my drives for the coming year’s work.  I love going back through the images and seeing all the fun shots I have forgotten about, reliving some shoots, and just enjoying work that was made.  I want to share some of my favorite images of the year.  I was going to try to do one from each month…but I have too many images, and not all come sequentially like that.  So I narrowed down to 14 i’de like to share.  There are plenty more (I shot less images this year…somewhere around 25,000)…but these are fun.  These are my favorites for various personal reasons.  Definitely not the most technical, sometimes not even anything more than a snapshot, but I like them for me.

Enjoy, and I hope you take some time to look through your favorites from your archive as well!

conference room
Conference Room

This image above was one of my favorite client shots of the year.  It was fun to set up.  2 or three lights were set up, and a lot of small rearranging in the room, and we pretty much made this shot in camera.  The chairs were insanely comfortable too.  I normally don’t lay with client products, but they absolutely insisted we sit and chat in them after the shot.  It made for some fun behind the scenes images.  This was shot with the Leica 8-18mm lens and an E-M1 mkII.

Twilight Office Building
Twilight Office Building

I LOVE twilight images.  It was between this and a cabin I shot…but city twilights have so much energy.  This was shot with the 12-40 lens if I remember correctly and corrected digitally for perspective.  I got lucky that traffic wasn’t too crazy yet.  Sometimes a lot of cars can block a good looking street level scene.

Corporate Portrait
Corporate Portrait

This was shot with the 40-150 Pro lens.  I had a large staff to shoot and this was actually a B-shot.  The client selected a different pose so what you are seeing here is unedited, straight out of camera.  Composition is a little loose because these were all getting cropped in to a specific ratio so most of the sides and bottom were cut from the finals.  I often shoot a little wider so my client has flexibility in crop decisions.  Regardless, I loved the color and texture of the vest against the blue shirt.  This gentleman was also ultra charismatic.  To me, this shot just worked.

Winter blossom

So this little confused tree blossomed in February.  Usually we are covered in snow in February, or have extreme cold.  This year it was like 70 degrees F for a while and a few trees actually blossomed!  I was out shooting on location and came across this tree.  It was so beautiful against our strange winter weather.  Global warming or just global weirdness?  Shot with the 12-40 Pro.

Frog Portrait
Frog Portrait

I have a long running project of frog portraits in the wild, and this was my favorite one this year.  I had less success this year.  I found fewer frogs at my usual spots, and of the ones I found more were skittish.  I generally need to get very close.  I love how the gaze seems to be going just beyond me, and the vintage preset toning is one of my favorite looks.  (Psst…thats in my art filter preset pack! Vintage 3…  Hint hint!)  Shot with the 40-150 Pro.

Vintage Car
Vintage Car

This is another shot using the same preset as above.  I love toned images of vintage cars.  The blue green and reds in this image as primary colors really speaks to me.  I am also partial to vintage German and Italian cars.  So it all came together.  Shot with the 12-40.

Modern Car
Tail light

I shot this with the 25mm Pro when I was first testing it out.  I desaturated a bit, and hit it with some clarity and it works against the sharp and round lines on this car.  This rendering with the 25 Pro wide open reminds me of why I loved Leica.  That “look.”  Then again, I never could have possibly gotten this close with a Leica and a 50mm.


I just love the moment.  A friend’s child was over one evening so we were snapping shots.  Of course right…who doesn’t take a million baby photos?  Cuteness never ends.  This was with the 45 F/1.8 lens wide open.  I love the high key, soft pastel kind of tones.  And the cute expression.

Artistic Product

I love when clients let me play around a bit.  I was shooting product for a client of mine that produces metals in various forms.  We were creating ad shots of metal pellets and we had a few minutes between the next shots being ready.  I asked if I could try some ideas out with the pellets and they were all for it.  I made about a dozen fun images to create a series from these.  I loved how it turned out too.  Even in color it was basically monochrome.  These were shot with the 60mm macro.

Fisheye Portrait
Fisheye Portrait

One of my colleagues was in town with his family last year and asked me to do formal portraits.  After the traditional studio look formals, we tried to have a little fun with a fisheye.  This was actually a sigma fisheye on an old canon 5DmkII since I couldn’t get a hold of an Olympus fisheye in time.  The lens cap is a two-stage design.  So the front of the cap is off… but the barrel is still over the glass.  So what you are seeing is the lens cap on the fisheye lens.  I had my friend’s son put his face as close as possible to the lens.  He had no clue why we were asking him to do this.  The resulting facial expression is priceless.  He probably thought I was nuts.  Absolutely love it.


We had a very weird occurrence in my neighborhood this spring.  We had an unexpected emergence of magi cicada.  They were not supposed to come out for another 3 or 4 years.  We had A LOT…not full brood swarm…but definitely enough to make it fun.  I spent three or four days just shooting cicada.  I have a cool multi-media project in the works with all of the 4k video, audio, and stills I created.  This is one of my favorite shots from those days.  This was with the 12-40.


This was one of my favorite images of Romeo.  A cat I lived with for 13 years.  He was the last of three cats I grew up with in my family.  The first passed at 21, the second at 11, and this year Romeo passed at 13 after a 3 year battle with cancer.  Actually it wasn’t much of a battle…he contracted…stayed relatively fine for 3 years…and then it came very fast to the end.  Let me tell you, this cat saw and took part in a lot of lens testing!  We had fun.  This was shot with the 25mm F/1.8.

Smokey the bear!
Smokey the bear!

Shameless selfie!  I was shooting an event for a client and Smokey made a guest appearance.  I don’t think we need any further explanation!

Looking forward to a fun image filled 2018!  Happy New Year to you, and may joy, happiness, and unexpected awesomeness fill your lives.


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  1. Impressed with the soft background in the cicada image.
    Would not have expected that from the 12-40

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