Back in action!

Hey everyone!  I should have updated this site much sooner…but you know me by now.  I’m working hard to change that, especially as we move into 2018.

So i’m back!  Excuse the quiet…but aside from my usual end of the year rush in business, I also had a new addition to the family.  My wife and I had out first child during the second week of November.  Meet Wally!

Learning to balance a child and creative work full time was quite the task.  And if you thought the E-M1 was complex and it’s user manual absolutely useless… A child is infinitely more complex and didn’t even come with a manual!  Whew!  It was quite the first couple weeks!  So, thanks for bearing with me.  I am taking actions this year to ensure posts continue even if I do get tied up.

As always, I want to thank you all for your support for another year.  The correspondence between so many of you and I is wonderful and I love it.  So many of you always reach out immediately if the site goes quite, I don’t have words to express how awesome that is.

There is so much coming this new year.  I haven’t announced anything on the site yet, but I have been doing more speaking engagements, private training, and workshops to get you guys rocking with your Olympus gear.  This will open up to a lot more people this coming year.  I also have several awesome products that are almost finished.  They were almost finished in July too, lol…but I underestimated the workload it would take to get to completion after the major work was done.  I know many of you will be quite excited for this, and a few other projects I have cooking for you.  Almost there.

I have been shooting a LOT more video with my E-M1 mkII lately… and I am curious…how many of you are interested in the video aspect of these cameras?  Yeah I know there are more video centered cameras, and better data rates, etc.. etc… but I firmly believe you can get the best results from the camera you are most familiar with as well.  And for many people, the E-M1 can deliver some excellent results.  So let me know in the comments if you are interested in video, and I’ll start discussing it more and what I find has been working to really get great results.

So thanks again for bearing with me.  Hopefully we won’t have any major quiet spells again, or at least not for a long time.  Thank you again for the generous support and continuous warmth I receive from you all.  I don’t get paid for this (in fact I have to take time away from what would be paid client time), so your appreciation that is so regularly shown is amazing.  I wish every one a safe holiday season filled with love and awesomeness.

And since it is the holiday season for many…remember… holiday lights are soooo much fun to shoot!  Especially out of focus with long exposures hand held!  Experiment, have some fun, and see what you get!

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3 thoughts on “Back in action!

  1. Tony,
    Congratulation on the birth of your son. A very special holiday blessing to your family. May the New Year being you great success and happiness.

    Enjoying your article and tips.

  2. Yes, Tony, I am interested in learning more about shooting video with the OMD E-M1 Mark II.

    Thanks for your helpful site,and Happy Holidays.

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