Tethered Shooting Bug!

Just wanted to keep every one informed.  There is a unique “bug” in the Olympus Capture software.

First, this only applies if you are shooting tethered to a computer and using the Olympus Capture software.

When you are using Live Time or Live Composite mode, there is a catch with how you can fire the shutter.  If you fire the shutter from the computer, you can the end exposure via the computer or the camera.  If you fire the shutter from the camera however…you cannot END the exposure from the computer.  You have to end it from the camera.  The shutter on the computer lets you click it…but nothing actually changes on the camera.

Not a major issue…but something to be aware of especially if you are trying to end exposure at a certain moment.  Don’t get caught unable to end exposure if you are at the computer but began exposure from the camera that is mounted somewhere out of the way!

I spoke with Olympus about it, and their techs fully tested this out and reported back to me that the behavior is correct…for now.  Most likely it has to do with how the software responds with the camera.  I’de love to see this adjusted in the future.


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