Lumu Featured Blog interview!

Hey everyone!  I wanted to share something fun today.  The super awesome folks over at Lumu have featured me in an interview on their blog.  It was great fun, and the topics range from a little bit of gear, to some more general photography and life stuff.  Very cool.  And you get some interesting behind the scenes to my thought process.  Check it out here:  Lumu Featured Photographer: Tony Ventouris

If you are not familiar with Lumu, they make the world’s awesomest light meter.  Yes a light meter…and yes we still have need for them today.  The ran a kickstarter campaign a while back that was successfully funded and they have been rocking from day 1.  Check them out here:  Lumu Light Meter

Not only is it a light meter, but a color meter as well that can measure different light sources’ temperature and tell you what filter to use to gel and match the sources.  It has a bunch of modes and works with your phone.  Super small to keep around, accurate, and no need to carry an extra device beyond the attachment.  I will most likely do a review of mine once I get around to finishing up the Godox review coming soon that’s been so hotly requested.


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