Shooting video with a cable release!

Maybe I just had never noticed this…but its definitely new to me.  And quite welcome.  I was chatting with a long time site reader (thanks David!) about cable releases.  The E-M1mkII takes conventional 1/8″ cable releases.  The input is on the right side upper corner.  Yes, you can use an app…but there are plenty of times when connecting via phone is not convenient.  And sometimes you want a mechanical release, especially if the camera is somewhere high, or inside an object, or just plain hard to get to.  Well what if you are shooting video in such a situation?  How do you trigger video?  Can you trigger video with a cable release?

Well apparently you can.  You need to do the following first.

1. Menu Button
2. Video Menu
3. Video Button Dial Lever
4. Video Shutter Function
5. Select the option “REC” and hit OK

Basically this makes the shutter button a “Record button” in video mode. Once this has been set, a manual remote release cable will work to start and stop video.  How convenient!


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