Reader Spotlight: Underwater Cenotes Exploration with an E-M1 mkII

Hi everyone, I wanted to share the work of one of our Unlocking Olympus community members today.  Andreas brings us some awesome images and video back from a recent trip to Central America.  As many of you know, a lot of us communicate regularly via email and share trip experiences, upcoming adventures, and just day to day happenings that surround our creative and photo lives.  I am going to start sharing more of this as it is totally important to connect more with each other.

Cenotes are basically submerged sinkholes usually found around the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America.  The mix of light coming through the water, the caves, and the sheer ambience make them incredibly mesmerizing.  Andreas had the opportunity to spend some time diving in these and documented via photo and video his experience.

Check out this slideshow of images!  If you follow the links below the slideshow you can go to his vimeo channel and see a bunch of videos as well.

Cenoten 2017 – Fotos from Andreas on Vimeo.

Andreas is using the E-M1 mkII with a Nauticam housing.  The 12-40 Pro was used.  He also used the WWL-1 wide angle conversion lens.  Check this out…it is a lens you can change while underwater!  Here is a link to read more about this lens.  Very cool.  I always wanted to do underwater exploration growing up…never happened…but I love seeing this kind of footage.

If you have been doing something interesting and would love to share with us, feel free to drop me a line.

In the mean time, be sure to check Andreas’ other videos out and feel free to leave a comment on this page letting him know what you think!


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