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I finally figured out Quick Sleep mode! The new menu system in the E-M1mkII* has a “quick sleep” mode option under Custom Menu J2. Regardless how I would set it…it just never seemed to do anything. Finally came the day where I realized what option (in typical olympus fashion, without telling you) disables quick sleep mode. Too bad there is no indication of this anywhere. Eye sensor for the EVF must be on. Otherwise quick sleep is disabled even though the option is not greyed out.

Quick sleep mode is a faster way to get into power saving. Here is a video walking you through how to set it up and make sure nothing is blocking it from working. Its pretty cool actually, especially in a casual walking around setting when shooting. Just make sure you initialize the camera to wake up on its way up to your eye and not once you already raise the camera. Sleep takes a second or two to come back from so you don’t want to miss any shots waiting.


*I believe the Em5-mkII has this as well…maybe others like the Pen-F and Em10 mkII…I don’t remember seeing them though in my time with those cameras. Regardless, I’m betting they all work the same way with this if the feature is present.


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  1. Sleep is a big issue with mirrorless ( my Sony A7/A9 cameras take 3.5sec to wake up
    I missed many shots that way. Even my M9 from 2009 is faster )
    Now I want to try an EM-1 III – how long does the camera need
    to boot back up after going to sleep mode ?

    • Hi Markus, So on both the X and the mkIII, the camera needs less than a second to be shooting ready after quick sleep or normal sleep it seems. I prefer it not going to quick sleep any more in general. That annoys me more than it actually going to sleep. I find if I will be going back and fourth in the viewfinder, ide prefer it just stay on. However, the actual time from sleep to shooting is virtually instant. Not as fast as a pro DSLR with no live view… but almost as fast. Not enough that I feel delayed or missed in my shots.

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