Back-end upgrading and Mailing list news…

Hey everyone… first of all I want to say THANK YOU AGAIN.  I would not have to be making posts like these if it wasn’t for your support and response to this site.

So just over a year and a half in and this site has been growing so much.  It is unbelievable what a community we have, and how many of you relate and connect in such ways.  I love talking with so many of view in our email conversations too.  I have so much planned for the site, and a lot of really great things coming that you have asked for directly.  However that means some serious adjustments needed to be made to this site to be able to handle this.  So hopefully that will go smoothly…I will give you a heads up if the site has to go down for a day or two.  I hope not.

Second, the mailing list system I use is getting revamped to better serve you.  I need a better way to send updates out for software presets, book updates, etc…, and have a more streamlined system across the board.  This will also give you more control of what information you receive.  So if you don’t want site updates…but do want product revisions for example, you can manage that easily yourself.  Thanks to one of our awesome readers for helping out with some advice in this area!  The great suggestions that you guys offer is always taken with a receptive ear.

While I reconfigure the mailing list structure…you may inadvertently get a new notice of subscription.  Sorry.  I may not have a way around that.  And if you are reading this and you OPTED OUT and you get a re-subscription notice…or you somehow start receiving emails again…I really do apologize…and please just opt out again.  I honestly did not mean to re-add you…but cleaning the back end mess with the sheer number of people currently subscribed is not my idea of easy.  In fact, the Olympus menu system is WAY easier.  There.  How’s that for perspective.

Anyways, enough rambling.  Thanks again for being patient and bearing with me through this growth and adjustments.  It’s all for you, and will allow the site to really move forward.

You are awesome.

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