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Hey everyone!  Thanks to all who have checked in!  Everything is all right.  The site has been quiet for the last month because I have been swamped.  I have been shooting and traveling for clients back to back…literally.  Between being on location, editing, handling business, and trying to cook and sleep…I just haven’t had any available hours.  And my assistant has been unavailable due to some personal matters…so quite the workload.

However…that also means the E-M1mk II has been doing the heavy lifting non-stop and I have lots of images and thoughts to share.  Expect a real use review to come shortly…as well as tons more stuff I have planned.

I apologize for the quiet…it’s just about done.

Anyone know how to clone people yet?  I could use another two of me this time of year…

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4 thoughts on “Quick Update…

  1. Hi there. I am a newcomer to your website and have just discovered it by chance indirectly by watching your video ‘ Olympus Custom Menu A Walkthrough’. It is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been search the internet for.

    It was a good video to watch to listen to your explanation about each of those intricate selectable options of the Olympus menu system, concisely describing what they do, your recommended personal settings (biased OK) and then moving on. Far better then reading a 300+ page PDF manual and trying to visualize explained concepts in the mind. The old saying, ‘A picture (or video) says a thousand words’. :-)

    I currently own the (humble) E-M10 Mark-II but am hoping to advance into the E-M1 Mark-II when personal budget allows for it. (It’s finally starting to drop in price, in Tokyo!) :-) Alternatively, I may just wait for the cheaper alternative, the soon to arrive E-M10 Mark III coming soon. It will also have the 20MP sensor and 4K video (rumored).

    Question, do you by chance have walkthroughs of custom menus for the E-M10 Mark II? How about the E-M1 Mark-II? I noticed that in your first video (mentioned above) that I just watched, there were a couple items in that video that exist in your demonstration that don’t exist on my E-M10 MarkII. Conversely, there was one menu item (AF Targeting Pad (screen 2-2)) that exists on my E-M10 Mark-II that was not in this video. if specific camera videos don’t exist that’s OK. I already found this first video most informative and helpful and can extrapolate most features and functions pretty much that already exists on my E-M10.

    Thanks for making this video available. Again, very helpful for me. I’ve subscribed to your channel.

    Jerry Suppan
    Tokyo, Japan

    1. Hi Jerry! I generally only try to do one video per main menu system, as they are soooo close across the models. I figure if one or two menu items are different, it is easy enough to figure those out, or to post a comment here. I have a video series for the new E-M1mkII menu on its way. That should hopefully cover the e-M10 mkIII as well. We’ll see. I just find the menus are so close, I would be repeating the same exact info in each video.

  2. Hi I was very interested in you 40-150 comparisons as I have a dilemma. I have the 4/5.6 version and use it in around a third of my photos. I have the 12-40 pro which has spoiled me from a sharpness and quality standpoint and want to “justify” buying the pro 40-150. So I’m eager to get your conclusions. When will part 2 and 3 of this really good review be available to help in my research. Many thanks. Bill Collins

    1. Hi Bill, Part 2 just went live today, and part 3 is going live early next week. Got slammed with a couple unexpected shoots this week that had immediate turnaround deadlines. Funny how they always come in groups. I’ve also decided to add a bonus 4th part to the review that will go over the tele-converter on the Pro lens too.

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