Free Presets have been updated!!!

I have updated the Free Presets!  There are now dedicated presets for the High Resolution mode as well as some new presets for the 20mp sensors.  Please note, the new color profile preset “Camera Monotone” will only work on cameras that support that profile in Lightroom.

I have updated all the sharpening and noise reduction presets.  Now there are 4 levels of sharpening based so you can fine tune to your needs and what kind of detail is in the image.  Zoom in to 100% and apply them to see what works best.  Most images work fine with my default of level 2, and many images will look great with level 4.  If you are using a high resolution mode image, then stick with the sharpening preset for that mode, trust me.  The others introduce artifacts.  Hi-res mode has a very different response to sharpening.  The Basic Preset starts you at sharpening level 2.  The Basic Hi-res preset starts you with the proper sharpening already built in so there is nothing you have to do after import if that setting gets applied.

Noise reduction is surprisingly usable.  In fact, with some proper noise reduction, 25,600 even looks good.  The detail of lower ISOs is obviously absent…but the aesthetic is very usable.  I think so at least.

All my awesome wonderful subscribers should have already received the presets via email.  If you haven’t received, haven’t signed up for free, or you changed the email you signed up with, go ahead and download via the signup page!

More to come!  Enjoy!


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  1. I’m looking forward to try these presets and to better know Lightroom.

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