E-M1 mkII can copy cards within camera

Quick tip… if you are using dual memory cards on the E-M1 mkII you can copy all data from one card to the other.  Very hand if you need to make a backup and weren’t using dual cards.

Hit MENU button

Go to the PLAYBACK menu


Then pick if you want card 1 to copy to card 2, or vice versa.  Card 1 is the top card and card 2 is the lower one.

There you go!


3 responses on "E-M1 mkII can copy cards within camera"

  1. Great tip – I can think of several use cases for this. It would be helpful is Olympus would let us to an incremental copy only, rather than re-copying all of the source files. That would make this a great intraday backup tool when your shooting for speed using only one card.

  2. Thanks, this works great, however, the images I was trying to recover from a corrupt card did not copy. Don’t want to spend the money to have them professionally retrieved, cheaper to return to the location photographed. (A good excuse for a trip.)

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