Raw support and third parties…and a grumpy face.

I wonder…why is that cameras are released without third party RAW support?*  Does Olympus honestly expect photographers to actually use OV3 software?  Do you know how many photographers do not even realize this software is provided as long as you download it and enter your camera serial number.  Not to mention it is no better than just editing the photo inside of your camera.  In fact… editing your raw files inside your camera is quicker and more intuitive than using OV3.

Back on topic…we are one month since the release of the new E-M1 mkII and there is still only “preliminary” support for the raw files from Adobe.  That basically means I bought a camera in December, and it is roughly useless to me still.  Why did I bother pre-ordering?  I guess if you shoot JPGs its fine.  Or if you shoot lots of images and just edit them later.  Hi-res files are not supported, and color profiles are not set, and neither is final color rendering of the actual files.  If I use Lightroom as my main workflow…I am out of luck.  There are no other programs similar to lightroom that handle raw development as well as digital asset management, cataloging, and metadata as well and efficiently as lightroom at the moment.

Why don’t manufacturers and third party companies collaborate on this prior to release?  And if support is not ready…then release should not happen.  Wouldn’t it be such a better experience to receive a new camera and everything just works.  Right?  Or is that too much to ask?  It’s about user experience.  This whole rush it to market and we’ll fix it in firmware or let everyone else deal with the files later business is totally uncool.  What if every time you bought a new phone none of your apps worked until they released compatible versions?  Oh well.

By the way…Capture One can actually read and open E-M1 mkII files right now.  You need the pro version to edit, but otherwise I can view the files with the digital back version.  Phase One lists the camera as supported, but no tethering, no official hi-res etc…  Yet it works.  Works enough.

Capture One is excellent software, and by far the best tethered workflow out there.  Amazing what you can do with it.  Raw development is on par with Adobe or better depending which camera system you use.  Cataloging is good, and metadata handling has much improved in the last two versions.  There is no profiling for the camera though.  Phase seems to make their own basic one.  Its fine.  I will wait and reserve my opinion once there is full Adobe support.

So far though, E-M1 mkII hi-res files look good.  The sweet spot seems to me when they get reduced to about 8,000 pixels as opposed to the 10,000 they are shot at.  More to come…


*This rant is part humor if you thought otherwise…  I do understand a lot goes into this stuff…but still…

January 19, 2017

7 responses on "Raw support and third parties...and a grumpy face."

  1. You are right and I am not trying to defend what is going.
    But there are so many factors. As a software development manager for many years I know this game
    I believe that time to market is the factor that weigh the most.
    If you wait until everything is perfect, you will never get the product out the door.
    Actually there is a trend to get software released as early as possible with a bare minimum of features and take it from there.
    So it is a compromise. Should they have waited until the firmware was better and that raw support was perfect. It is a judgement call every time.
    Maybe one of the calls was to get the camera out before Panasonic GH5. I do not know. But these decisions always seems wrong to some.

  2. Tony

    I use Adobe Lightroom CC release 2015.8 Raw ver 9.8 (Creative Cloud) and the Mk II .ORF files open perfectly fine.

    I’m not sure what you are using, local boxed version install??


  3. DxO states on their Web site that Optics Pro will support the EM1.2 in February.

  4. Greetings. I just saw this post, and I highly recommend you try Iridient Developer for developing your RAW files. This post was dated 1/19, but Iridient FULLY supported E-M1 Mark II RAW files as of 1/12.

    As well, I find my files processed with Iridient to be superior to my results with Adobe CR or LR – cleaner, sharper, more color-accurate, freer of artifacts. It fully supports camera profiles from Color Checker/Datacolor, which Capture One does not. Face it, Adobe caters to the Canikon crowd primarily; Iridient is the only program to properly decode the Fuji X-trans files, and the only one to put sufficient effort into accurately rendering Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma, and other smaller vendors’ files. There is a good reason that Sony bundles Capture One with their cameras.

    As for workflow, I wish we could combine the cataloging smarts of the now defunct Aperture with the RAW expertise of Iridient and the tethering/camera control of Viewer.

    • I actually wish we could combine the tether of Olympus capture with the tethering workflow of Capture One!…and then wrap it all in a catalog like lightroom. No thought on the raw developer…ive gotten great results with several.

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