Optech m43 double lens mount cap review

If you are a mirrorless camera user you know that small lenses and traditional camera bags have a bit of a disconnect.  Most camera bags are designed to hold typical equipment.  Most lenses are of a typical size slightly smaller or slightly larger than a soda can for example.  Mirrorless cameras have often allowed for much smaller lens designs.  When you place you small lenses into a typical camera bag compartment…you realize there is a lot of wasted space and then lenses can bounce around.  There is just nothing to hold such a small lens in place.  I first discovered this problem several years ago as a Leica user.  Their tiny lenses would just roll around in my bag.  I would try to add an extra divider between them…but if my bag went sideways they would still pop out and jump around.  Ouch.

There are lots of bags designed for mirrorless now, but often those are still large if you focus on small primes.  Also, many of us have larger lenses as well, or a second camera system with different sized lenses, and having separate bags is inconvenient.  (total lie…photographers usually have more bags than a ladies fashion store…)

I ran across an unusual solution for this problem…but it’s a very useful option.

Op/Tech makes a double lens mount rear cap.  This lets you combine two lenses with one rear cap.

Op/Tech Double Rear Cap
Op/Tech Double Rear Cap

Basically you get a single lens unit that is more typical to an average lenses size.  This allows the lenses to fit better in a camera bag pocket while saving space and allowing you to bring an extra lens!  This is absolutely a must have for small prime users.

optech double rear lens cap with small primes
optech double rear lens cap with small primes

Still being fairly narrow due to the lens sizes, you can have 4 primes in the space of what a typical larger zoom would take.  A three lens kit of small primes would take so little space by using the cap.  The cap is well made, but I found mine to have a very tight hold.  Much tighter than the Olympus rear lens caps.  I can easily twist off a rear lens cap with the same hand holding the lens.  I could not do that with the Optech.  That is probably a good thing.  I’m sure it will adjust to a better feel with a little use too.  It definitely works great.

Another interesting use is to keep your tele-converter handy!

Optech double rear lens cap with teleconverter
Optech double rear lens cap with tele-converter

Now I don’t have to find another pocket just for that tiny tele-converter.  Or risk losing it by having it bounce around in my bag.

Here is a size comparison of two small primes (the 17 & 45) next to an iphone 7.

optech double rear lens cap with iphone 7
optech double rear lens cap with iphone 7

The Olympus Pro lenses are typically big enough to fit most camera bag pockets.  The little primes though are just tiny!  This double lens cap is a real space saver but also allows your bags to function properly when it comes to keeping your gear held securely.  Rolling around in a bag is not what I want my lenses to be doing!  Have you tried these or found any other solutions to carrying small lenses?


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  1. Another solution is just to glue two rear caps together. You have already paid for them.

    • That could work too. My concern would be the potential un-glueing at the wrong time! However there are some pretty amazing adhesives out there.

      • I did the DIY option years ago – bought a bunch of inexpensive rear caps and glued them in pairs. I’ve never had any problem with separation. And the DIY caps seem a bit shorter than the OpTech ones.

        I hadn’t thought about using it for the MC14 – that’s a great idea.

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