Holiday Gift Guide For Photographers (and everyone!)

I came across a post that I must share.  This is one of the most refreshing and wise articles I have read in a long time.  David DuChemin is an awesome photographer and often has great advice.  This is another gem.

Everyone seems to be posting gift guide’s around this time of year.  David wrote an article that puts quite a spin on this idea.  I don’t want to steal anybody’s thunder, but here is a quick excerpt from his post.

“The photographer in your life doesn’t want another Hoodman Loupe or Lens Cleaning Kit. They can get that themselves. They might want the new Leica, but they don’t need it. Want to really change their lives and give them something they can’t get themselves?

Give them the gift of your patronage. Buy their prints. Commission a portrait. Book a session with them. Buy their books. And I don’t mean people like me. I mean the highschool kid who lives next door. Or your brother. The guy in your camera club. Find a photographer who makes work you love and spend the money on their art. Then find a place to put it in your home. Tell them you love their work, and show up for them by taking it home. Because everyone tells them they love their work, but fewer people put their money where their mouths are.”

David continues with more excellent, heart-warming ideas.  Basically I consider this a must read.  Read it twice.  And then stop and think about what you read.  How can we apply this to others…non-photographers in our lives.  How can we think about others and what their passion is, and can way show them that we value their passion.  Even just a tiny bit.  Does it even have to be a holiday?  Maybe someone in your life has done something for you, or gone through a rough time, or just hasn’t been told, “Keep on going…you are doing great”  Maybe we can find a small creative way that speaks volumes of, “I acknowledge you” that doesn’t involve “stuff.”

Check out that article.  And share it with others.  I can’t stress how well thought this idea is.  Right on David!


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