Unlocking Olympus Lightroom Presets released!

This is a set of Lightroom presets to make RAW development much faster. Especially if you are an Olympus user. The set of presets begin with my “starting point” for Olympus files. It’s the preset I apply on import to get the most out of my files. From there the list is broken up into camera profiles, quick adjustments, and corrections. This allows you to batch adjust large groups of images quickly with similar settings. For example processing a batch of shots with Noise reduction, or olympus specific sharpening, or all the landscapes with an Olympus Vivid profile.

I can get through most file with just a couple clicks. From there I can continue and do any creative edits if necessary.

The sharpening and noise profiles are my own, and what I feel maximizes the Olympus files. I have had excellent results in print and web.

These presets have definitely impacted my development speed, and I know they will find great use for you as well. They designed for compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5 and 6. Many will work on Lightroom 4 as well. I make no guarantees on LR4 or previous though.

Best thing about these presets…they are FREE. Yup, I am giving these to you absolutely free! Hopefully having these presets right at your fingertips will make development a little easier, a little faster, and a little more enjoyable.

Tell me where to send your download link and I will email you your free presets!

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