Micro Four Thirds blows away medium format…!?!? Lets find out…E-M1 vs P45

Ok Ok…I know everyone is going to yell about me not doing this with Hi-Res mode and the E-M5mkII.  I will eventually.  However, I wanted to see how big a difference there was between a normal m43 shot and medium format.  So three sets to compare.  Enlargement was done using AlienSkin Blow Up.  Downsizing was done using the basic photoshop resize tool.  Not scientific, but close enough to show how I shoot in the real world.  Images were adjusted for color balance and tonality to be as close as possible.

There are 4 images in the gallery.

  1. E-M1 Original
  2. P45 Downsized to match E-M1
  3. P45 Original
  4. E-M1 Upsized to patch P45

Click here to see all 4 images in full size and compare for yourself.  When you click on the image and select your size from the bottom right, use the left and right arrows on the screen or your keyboard to move back and fourth between the images.  The image location you move to see will stay the same across images as you toggle.  Feel free to view full size.

Ok that’s that!  You decide!  This would have been an extremely interesting test with hi-res mode on the e-m5 mkII.  I actually feel the 12-40 lens is astounding in the way it renders from corner to corner.  The E-M1 is certainly punching way above it’s weigh class.  That’s for sure.


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  1. Hi Tony, clicking on the either of the photos results in “Page Not Found”.

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