Leica Rear Lens Caps

So how do you make your non-Leica lenses feel better? Leica rear lens caps! No I’m not kidding, despite this being a humorous post. Ok, so no it won’t make their quality any better, but your non-Leica lenses will definitely feel better when you grab them! Leica has carried their exquisite feel even down through their lens caps. That is attention to detail. (I’ll just assume it was intentional!)

So Leica lens caps improve the feel of your lenses. But don’t take my word for it…I suggest you run to your local Leica dealer and try out some rear lens caps for yourself today! (Humor people! Humor!)

In the next shots, you can see a Voigtlander lens cap on the left, and Leica on the right. The Voigtlander cap has large grooves and small “feet.” The Leica has smaller and more frequent ridges and is slimmer overall. The plastic choice seems different. The Leica plastic feels “softer.” It also holds tighter on the lens.

leica lens cap

leica lens cap

Voigtlander cap
leica lens cap

Leica cap
leica lens cap


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  1. The little “feet” are very useful for removing an ltm to M adapter. Some of my old Leica caps also have them.

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