Fun Friday Photo! DINOSAUR!

leica rangefinder dinosaur science

A few years ago rangefinders and Leica might seem like they had gone extinct as this dinosaur…but looking around today there is no mistake. Leicas are not fossils from another era…the new digital Ms are here to stay and better than ever!

Leica M8 with a 35mm lens.

Added Note, I am going to start posting photos on Friday that are just plain fun. Work work work every day as a photographer can some times make you forget how much you love taking pictures as odd as that sounds. So, I will be posting something fun and different every friday. It might be from a shoot, it might be a random snap from being out and about. I don’t know. I do encourage everyone to get out and shoot for fun though. Even if you shoot professionally…take a few minutes one day and go shoot something you have never done before. Shoot for fun. Allow yourself to play.

If you do photography as your form of relaxation and purely out of enjoyment then get out of your routine. Shoot somewhere you haven’t shot. Or shoot with your cellphone only. Or shoot with a lens in a new way. Do something different. Feel free to comment with a link to your photo! I’de love to see them!


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