Review: Leica Goodies Sling Camera Strap

leica goodies sling

The most common accessory for a camera is a strap. Everyone has a camera strap. Cameras even come with straps! It’s like they are supposed to be used with a strap. Well, I don’t like straps. I’ve never liked using camera straps. I do use them when needed, like working with two cameras, or in an environment that I risk losing my camera if it falls (ocean, large heights, etc…). Overall though, I always have some kind of quick release so I can get rid of the strap asap! I try to avoid using a strap as much as I can.

Wrist straps have never worked for me either. They just don’t work for my hands. Basically I’de rather be stuck with a strap than a wrist strap!

I discovered another solution called the “Sling” which is offered from It is a very simple device that loops both ends of a piece of nylon on to the strap lug. To secure it, you then place your keyring through the strap lug. Actually getting the keyring on is not easy to begin with. It is even more difficult with the sling present. This is NOT a quick addition or removal. Plan on leaving the sling on once you get it on! Then again, you can use a standard strap even with the sling present.

The sling is ordered based on measuring your finger diameter. (A piece of string wrapped around the finger and then laid out of a ruler works) I think I could have been slightly smaller with my measurement, but regardless it is still quite secure. I wasn’t sure how the measurement would translate in reality so I didn’t measure too tightly. Here is what the sling looks like attached. (Is it just me or does the M8 seem like it has bunny ears now…)

leica goodies sling

The sling amazingly works. I was quite skeptical at first. I also was a bit skeptical when I first tried it. The last thing I want is to feel the camera slide off my fingers and go glass first into the ground! However…it DOES work. Basically you slip your ring and middle finger through the two loops. It just slides right on. At that point the camera is “perpendicular” to you hand. When you “let go” of the camera so it is hanging down it becomes “parallel” to the hand. It seems to me that the weight of the camera and the angle it places the loops against the finger when hanging down actually create a secure hold. You can’t actually just pull the camera off the hand either. You can see in this next photo that it just seemingly defies gravity…and stays attached to your hand! Also take note of the loop angle.

leica goodies sling

If you even apply a little pressure with your fingers onto the camera the hold becomes even more secure. You can just swing the camera up to your other hand or face and be ready to shoot. It’s actually easier than having a camera on a strap. So far the Sling has been quite comfortable for use over several hours. I don’t know how much weight I would want to support in this way however. So far with a Leica and small and medium sized lenses you don’t even think about the weight. With a large heavy lens like a Noctilux or any of the 135mm lenses I’de be a little more hesitant put stress on the fingers over long term use. The LeicaGoodies website also shows the sling used with an R series camera. Honestly, I can’t imagine using a sling to support an R series, or any SLR that size with a large lens. Not that it “can’t”…i’m sure it can…but that seems like too much weight on the finger joints to me. (Then again I am a guitarist, so I am extra careful of my fingers, joints, and wrists!)

Overall I find this is the best solution for me with an M system. I can walk around and just have the camera next to me ready. I don’t have to reach for it, or try to grab it and adjust hand position to shoot like with a strap. I don’t have a strap annoying me when trying to shoot at different angles, straight down or up. The camera is there, ready to go. All you do is close your hand and you are in shooting position.

leica goodies sling

leica goodies sling


4 responses on "Review: Leica Goodies Sling Camera Strap"

  1. Steffen Kjær LarsenMarch 29, 2011 at 2:46 pmReply

    Thanks for the review and pics! (and the blog in general – you’re making it really hard not to get the M8)

    I’ve been eyeing the Sling myself, but I have a Leica X1. Not quite the size of an M8. If I can make you speculate, do you think it works for a smaller camera like the X1?

    I’m considering just trying to make one myself and see. I’m no expert at the sowing machine though ;)

    • You know…as long as the strap lugs are on the actual side of the camera and not on top…the sling should work with other cameras too. The X1 has side mounted lugs. It looks like it should work fine. Being a small camera however, my concern would be that the strap lug is too close to the top of the camera and will place your hand position in a way that makes your shutter finger feel awkward or too bent. Maybe not though.

      The X1 would be a great candidate for this kind of product. Being so small and light, a conventional strap almost doesn’t make sense!

      • Steffen Kjær LarsenMarch 31, 2011 at 2:21 amReply

        That’s exactly the idea – big straps just doesn’t make sense.

        I have the same concern about how far from the top of the camera the strap lug is. I’ll have to try making one myself and see. (and then order a better one if I can’t do a good one ;)

        Thanks to your photos, I can much better see how it should fit – thanks!

  2. You can use the Sling with the X1 or Fuji X100 – just use your index and middle fingers.

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