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Another website!!!!!! Let me explain. Even though I shoot photo for a living, that doesn’t mean I don’t create outside of work. I have so much going on outside of professional photography that I just needed an outlet once again. Actually this comes at a point in my life that it ties in great to what I do professionally as well. You may also remember the web address, “Sound Vision Passion dot com” from way back when. It was my old personal site before I got into pro photo. Then I needed a snazzy website to market to clients and my personal site evolved into my pro site. Then the personal content slowly disappeared. Well…it’s back!

This site is the “everything else” in my life. This is where I will be posting my personal photographic projects. I have several ebooks on the way. Workshops are coming down the pipe. There is so much I am passionate about and I needed an outlet. I love rangefinder cameras. I really do. I am a gearhead. Being a musician and a photographer means there are “toys” everywhere. I will be doing videos and reviews of various gear I use, and the equipment that I love. No charts and numbers…real world reviews. I will also be posting projects coming from my recording side. Old music, new music, photos with music, who knows! It is all coming out, so I will be documenting it here.

I don’t have many pages yet listed on this site, but bear with me, they will be coming shortly! I feel like I have content overload at the moment! Thank you again to everyone that supports my projects, my imaging, and my music. There will be plenty of action on all three of my sites. Again, my twitter, facebook, and mailing list will be the combination of all three to make it easy for you to keep up to date. If you were wondering, yes, I moved a few of my blog posts over to this site as they seemed more at home here!

Just for your reference:
Ancient City Photography – My panoramic & live event portfolio

My Dating Photo – Profile & Personal Portraiture

Lots more to come!…


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