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I wanted to share this cool app I bought. This one is for the musicians and songwriters out there. (I’ll tie this in to photography at the end with a lighting breakdown of the blog shot!)

I figured I needed a songwriting app since the ipad is my do-it-all buddy now. Why keep using paper and pencil? Dante Varnado released Songwriter’s Pad (and the similar Poet’s Pad) as a utility to help songwriters. You can read about all the tech details by clicking on that link.

Basically it allows you to type in lyrics and create sections. You can easily rearrange sections as a whole, copy and paste things around, and jot ideas fairly quickly. If you have writer’s block you can also browse a rhyming dictionary of sorts to find phrases that work. (or browse just to get ideas) The app also lets you record audio so you can remember how a phrase goes or maybe rock out a few chords to go along with your melody. Very handy to have on the fly.

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I have a couple issues with this app that will hopefully be addressed. (I’ve spoken with Dante about these and hopefully they will get incorporated in a future update)

First…the notes are always visible. These are places that words or phrases get jotted down from the rhyme finder and the dictionary. Great when you need it…annoying when you don’t. It is bright yellow. As we know about colors…it grabs your eye’s attention and wrestles to hold em’ the entire time. Ok maybe it’s not that extreme, but I do find I get distracted from my lyrics more often than not because of the yellow notes. An option to hide these when not being used would be absolutely perfect.

Second…lyric colors. We can edit font size and font style but we can’t edit font color. I would love to be able to make lines between lyrics to type chords out. I would prefer these be in a different color so I can pick them out easier when sight reading.

Third…audio recording ability. This app has it in a limited form. Ideally I would love to be able to make several recordings that are appended to a lyric file. That way I can jot audio notes for melodies and riffs on the various sections. That way you can also have alternate versions to decide from later.

Overall I still love this app. It’s not the cheapest app at $6.99. (there are a lot of free typing apps) I was a little hesitant at that price. Actually, it would be absolutely worth it and more if these few quirks were worked out. I do still recommend this app. Hopefully we get a nice update to the software soon!

You can get this app here: Songwriter’s Pad

As for the image at the top, it was done with two bare Canon speedlights. One was about ten feet away camera right. The other was behind the guitarist (yeah that’s me!) pointed up and away from the camera bouncing light from a wall. Oh yeah, and that guitar is one of Taylor’s Nylons. Fun guitar and great for recording!


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