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I wanted to share this great app I discovered online. It is called Aspects and comes from CodeSparq. It allows you to quickly calculate dimensions and aspect ratios for images at any given resolution.

You can input the information you know, or require for your image and it will calculate the rest. If I know I need an image that is going to be 24″ wide by 60″ long at 300dpi for example, I can enter that information and it will give me pixel dimensions. I also use it a lot for images when I am given only a pixel dimension. Unless I am on the web, pixel dimensions are meaningless to me. Great…I have a 7000px to a side image…!?!?! Um ok. What does that translate to at say 250dpi??? ::Quick ipad calculation in Aspects…:: A HA! 28″ wide! Perfect. Now that makes sense to me!

Very useful app, especially if you aren’t right in front of photoshop. Being able to generate custom aspect ratios and derive sizing for them is awesome. There is a catch however, it is still an iphone app. That means it’s small on the ipad screen. Since it’s just big numbers anyways it doesn’t bother me. And for $0.99 you certainly can’t beat it!

Check it out here: Aspects


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