Ipad, I Love you! Some thoughts from my life with an Ipad!

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I just had to post about this. The Ipad has changed how I function day to day dramatically, so I figure let me just rave a little…
I have never really had brand loyalty when in comes to computers. I am not a Mac or PC guy. I can use both just fine. I’m not particularly fond of either. When Apple announced their new Ipad though, I knew something was going to be different. I have used an ipad every day since their release and I can say with certainty that this is the best computing device to hit the consumer market in my opinion since computers themselves. I don’t have an iphone, or an ipod touch, and they never quite interested me. The ipad is not just a giant ipad touch! The large screen really changes the experience.

No tech specs here, no benchmarks, just my thoughts based on daily use. So lets get the to the meat and potatoes…what has this giant battery with glass done for me?


1. Speed. I go from standby (I never actually turn in off) to my email or any webpage in seconds and then back off. No waiting for my laptop to load, or come out of standby. No operating system hanging, or trying to update, etc… Waiting for a computer to load now seems like eternity.

2. Efficiency. I check a lot of websites. I read a lot of blogs. I use RSS readers on my browsers but the ipad offers a much greater experience. I update all my sites in a wonderful app (i’ll write about it in another post) and it lets me know how many new posts are in and from what sites. I read what I want now, and read the rest later when i’m away from my network even. No browser, no pop ups, or random content, or full websites to load. I get the content directly in a format that is enjoyable to read and view images on. Now I can read about Strobist, Lenswork, and McNally’s work while eating lunch in the park!

3. Portable portfolio. Yeah, images do actually look good on the ipad. Adjust brightness for your viewing lights and you are set. The ipad optimizes all your images that get loaded, but I have yet to see a major degradation on the quality. 400mb worth of images got turned into roughly 150mb of data on the ipad. It’s obviously doing something to the images…I just haven’t seen an impact visually yet. Color accuracy is close. Not calibrated close…but close enough for marketing what I do.

4. Great photography related apps! (not necessarily about actual photos however) I will be going into detail in another post about specific apps. There are a bunch of apps that totally help in planning, estimating shooting times, etc… I will be updating regularly about a bunch of apps that have made my photoshoot planning and execution so much easier.

5. Battery length! With the screen brightness set to zero I can go all week or longer. (depending on use) For indoors, brightness zero is actually pretty decent for most reading. You can also keep the music playing through its “ipod” app with the screen turned off! All day tunes with practically no battery drain! 10 hour+ battery life is great on set, or when you want to get away and do some personal shooting without loads of cords, adapters, etc… for several days.

6. NO KEYBOARD!!!!!!! NO MOUSE!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!! An intuitive interface that navigates well with nothing more than simple hand motions! I never liked a desktop mouse and keyboard. And laptops are even worse. (Don’t even get me started on netbooks…) Finally a device that is comfortable and enjoyable to use! I am overjoyed.

7. The ipad fits in camera bags…even small ones! Thinktank Retrospective 10, UD40, even a UD30 hold an ipad with ease! The ipad also fits in a Scott E Vest! This makes travel so easy. Think about it…Scott E Vest fits a Leica, 2 or 3 lenses, Ipad, phone, mp3 player, sunglasses, pocket camera for video, and other small miscellaneous items. No carry on luggage. None of this even shows on you! Now you are free to use your carry on for whatever you need…and even still have a “personal item.” A laptop usually counts as a personal item, so a small laptop bag can fit a LOT of stuff when there is no more laptop! It is amazing how things change when the laptop gets removed from travel!

The ipad really makes personal computing feel personal. I have actually found myself spending more time viewing images as well. It really feels like you are holding the image in your hands versus viewing on a computer screen.

I use my ipad to schedule my workload, plan my shoots, and keep track of everything else. It’s also my blog, book, and post reader. I can handle the majority of my needs on this device! There is even an app to shoot wireless, and control my cameras from the iPad with Canon’s transmitter. (this is going to make my remote setups even easier!) What is great is that I can keep inspirational content on this thing for whenever I need a boost. Brooks Jensen’s podcasts are so great to keep around. As are David DuChemin’s PDFs.

If you spend some time with an Ipad you will definitely come up with all kinds of ways it can fit into your lifestyle. I highly recommend giving one a try!


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