Olympus E-M5 Firmware History

Source: Olympus America Website

OM-D E-M5 Version 1.1. Update
*Firmware version of the E-M5 camera must be updated to the latest version (ver. 1.1) before updating the firmware of the lenses.
*Please note that the user will need the latest version of the Digital Camera Updater (Win: ver. 1.03 / Mac: ver. 1.04) when updating the firmware of lenses using the E-M5 camera body.

OM-D E-M5 Version 1.2 Updates (Windows)
– Improved sleep recovery operation.
– AF target is indicated when using C-AF+TR while shooting sequential images using Sequential L setting. – Added function to automatically move focus to the following zoom positions when underwater macro mode or underwater wide mode is selected. (Only when M. ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-50 mm F3.5-6.3 EZ is attached)
– Underwater wide mode: Wide setting
– Underwater macro mode: Telephoto setting

Announcement: E-M5 firmware update ver. 1.2 is temporarily suspended

We have received some inquiries from E-M5 owners who could not complete the ver. 1.2. firmware update. While Olympus is investigating this matter, the update service for firmware ver.1.2 is temporarily suspended. The update service for ver. 1.1 remains available. Please be assured that the customers who have updated their E-M5 to ver 1.2 won’t experience any problems. We apologize for the inconvenience.

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 9-18mm Firmware Version 1.1
Resolved unstable exposure during sequential shooting when using C-AF on the E-M5.

E-M5 firmware update from v1.6 to 1.7
– Support for VF-4 electronic viewfinder. *Automatic display switching by the VF-4 eye sensor is not supported.

E-M5 Version 2.0 updates to version 2.1
Precision of AF when M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm F2.8 PRO lens is mounted has been improved.
M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 EZ >> Version
– Performance of image stabilizer in macro mode when used with E-M5 in the OM-D series has been improved.
– The Zoom Resume (similar to Olympus’ RESET LENS OFF) function for electric zoom lenses when used with Panasonic cameras is now supported.

OM-D E-M5 Version 2.2
– Compatible with Olympus lens with a built-in image stabilizing function.
– The camera body recognizes the IS built into the lens, allowing for optimal image stabilizing effects. (Not compatible with 5 axis Sync IS.)
– You can get the effects of rolling stabilization from the IS function of the body, along with the effects of image stabilization from the IS function of the lens.
– Compatible with Windows 10.

E-M Version 2.3
– Corrected issue of autofocus (AF) function not operating correctly when using the “H-ES200” (200 f/2.8)and “H-ES50200” (50-200) interchangeable lens produced by Panasonic.

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