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How do you make an E-M1X even bigger…

You thought it was a joke right…?  Sadly it’s not.  You take an E-M1x and make it EVEN BIGGER by …

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E-M1 mkII RRS L-Bracket Review

The E-M1 mkII L-Bracket from Really Right Stuff is finally available!  I received mine a few days ago.  In my …

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RRS L-Plate for E-M1 mkII Pre-order

Really Right Stuff has opened up pre-order for their new L-Plate for the E-M1 mkII.   You can click on …

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Traveling Light: A look at some light weight gear

Really Right Stuff BH-25 with Gitzo Traveler Tripod and Leica M8 M9 Review When out shooting for pleasure, traveling, or shooting long events, a huge heavy SLR system and lenses can really become a drag. After a year of shooting with a Leica M system, I am thrilled at how much less encumbered I can be while not sacrificing any quality. Keep reading for a weigh comparison and a look at my new travel kit.

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