Olympus 12-45mm F/4 Pro lens announced!

Olympus 12-45mm pro

Alongside the E-M1.3, Olympus announced the 12-45mm F/4 Pro.

It’s fully weather sealed, and IPX rated.  It does macro.  It’s smaller than the 12-40 Pro, and it costs less too.

This lens doesn’t make sense to a lot of people.  The 12-40 is one of the best lenses out there.  It’s also the reason I use the Olympus system.  It is that good.  So why bother with such a similar lens.  Especially when they already have the 12-100?

This lens is for the nature and landscape crowd.  It’s when we want to travel light and with a small bag.  It’s smaller in length, diameter and weight.  Usually I am shooting landscapes and exteriors at F/4, F/5.6, and F/8.  Leave a polarizer on this lens, and we are all set for the outdoors and any weather.  No need to bring the macro lens as this gets you even better macro than the 12-40.  And for most it’s enough compared to the dedicated 60mm macro.  Not everyone needs big telephoto.  And the 12-100 is big.  It really is.

And let’s look at the macro capability…  It’s minimum focus distance is .12m, focal length 45… based on a magnification calculator I am getting a 1:1 ratio for that.  Olympus states it’s a 1:2.  Is it technically 1:2 but since M4/3 we double everything…we really get a 1:1 in use?  I’m not sure exactly.  I will have to look into this further.  Can anyone shed a little more knowledge onto this for me?  Regardless, it has incredible macro potential.

This would make a great combination with the 75 F/1.8 or with the panasonic 35-100 F/2.8 when traveling.

On an E-M5.3 or the new E-M1.3 this is going to be a very light, very compact, very capable landscape/nature package for those that don’t want the bulk of the 12-100 and don’t necessarily need the reach.  The more I think about this lens, the more I realize it is a very compelling option in use.


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