Olympus updates E-M1X, E-M1 mkII, mkIII, and E-M5mkIII firmware

Olympus has updated the firmware for the E-M1X, E-M1.2 and E-M1.3, and the E-M5.3 today.  The updates include the addition of focus stacking with the new 100-400mm zoom.  They also updated some kind of IS compatibility between body and lens.  It’s not IS sync, but they have optimized operation it seems from the description.  Nothing else seems to have been updated.

If you aren’t using that lens or don’t plan to, no technical need to update at the moment.  If you are about to go on a trip or a big shoot, I always recommend waiting until you return to update.  Just in case this release introduces bugs.  Especially since the new lens is not even on sale yet.

Also, if you shoot with the 12-100mm Pro, that lens has a firmware update today as well.  It improves autofocus functions during video.


3 responses on "Olympus updates E-M1X, E-M1 mkII, mkIII, and E-M5mkIII firmware"

  1. Would you please clarify how long a E-M1X, E-M1 mkII, mkIII take
    to boot back up after going to sleep mode ?

    • Hi Markus, So on both the X and the mkIII, the camera needs less than a second to be shooting ready after quick sleep or normal sleep it seems. I prefer it not going to quick sleep any more in general. That annoys me more than it actually going to sleep. I find if I will be going back and fourth in the viewfinder, ide prefer it just stay on. However, the actual time from sleep to shooting is virtually instant. Not as fast as a pro DSLR with no live view… but almost as fast. Not enough that I feel delayed or missed in my shots.

  2. My E-M1iii does not have ‘Bulb’, ‘Live Bulb’ or ‘Live Time’ as shutter options.
    Anyone know what gives?

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